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Our main services are "Survey"and"Design"in the field lf International Development Cooperation.
Almost all our business experiences were overseas programs, and clients were government of several countries through Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA).
Moreover, we have been expecting to have an opportunity to work other wordwide organization, and registered to Japan Bank for International Cooperation(JBIC), World Bank(WB), and The Asian Development Bank(ADB) as a consulting firm.
1) Japan's grant aid scheme
Grant aid is a form of ODA involving the provision of funds to the governments of developing countries without the obligation of repayment.
The aim is to cooperate with economic and social development by helping the government of the recipient country to introduce and upgrade its facilities and equipment.
Our firm has registered as a consulting firm in JICA, and operating this grant aid programs.
Especially, we have been dealing with the necessity equipment's procurement for hospitals,institutions, school and training center.
We have been targeting to design appropriate project through our technique and knowledge in order to implement high quality of project.
2) Dispatch of technical cooperation experts
We have also dispatched several technical experts to many countries, and transferred the high-skilled techniques.
In addition, these experts advised each government's policy against counterparts of government officaials in terms of their field.
3) Support for the formulation of project
We have been studying the present situation of medical and educational institutions in order to improve its function in the future, and proposed the project through the study.