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Project Name Country Period
The project for Improvement of Rural Health Care Facilites Malawi QOOT`QOOV
The project for Improvement of District Hospitals in the Western
Part of Kenya in the Republic of Kenya
The Study of Medical Supply Program Africa QOOS`QOOT
Preparatory Study on the Project for the Rehabilitation of Health
Facilities of Medical Equipment in Mbale, Tororo, Bugiri and Busia
Districts in the Republic of Uganda
Uganda QOOS
Dispatch of Technical Advisor for Medical Equipment Maintenance Tanzania QOOS
Ex-post Evaluation of the Project for Construction of Pediatric
Facilities of Mpilo Central Hospital
Zimbabwe QOOS
The Project for Improvement of Josina Machel Hospital(Joint) Angola QOOP`QOOT
Project Formulation Study Malawi PXXX`QOOO
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